Director of Education

Spotlight Youth Theater is now accepting applications for the position of Director of Education.  The Director of Education is responsible for casting vision, development and implementation for the educational and summer camp aspects of the company. Applicants should posses 3-5 years of theater training and experience as well as involvement working in the teaching industry.  A degree in education or a theater-related field is preferred. Applicants should have experience teaching in the classroom, creation and development of curriculum, strategic planning and conflict-resolution capability. Spotlight is seeking a professional who is ministry-focused, creative, organized, capable of executing multiple projects at a time, and collaborating with both volunteers and employees to support and encourage Spotlight’s core values and mission statement.

Please send cover letter and resume to Teri Leman for consideration. Please no phone inquiries.

Jen Heim’s Top 50 Moments
Captured of 2013


Hi All!  When I was asked to pick my favorite captured moments in 2013 I thought wow, how do I pick 50 moments from the 28 shows I had the pleasure of shooting? That is over 90,000 images to choose from!

I can’t take all the credit for the images.  I can only work with what I am given, and man, do you guys give your all!!!  It takes a team to create each moment on the stage.  Directing teams, lighting and set designers, make-up, hair and costume designers.  Not to mention the actors themselves working together to construct a work of art that I am lucky enough to capture :-)

Emilie’s story

Emilie was recently seen in Oak Park’s production of Tall Tales directed by Ben Olson.  Here is her story about how Spotlight has affected her life!

Spotlight/CYT has been involved in my life for as long as I can remember, although I didn’t realize it until recently.  When I was 5 my mom started homeschooling my sister and me, and signed us up to join a co-op.  In that co-op they always had field trips to NW Cook shows, since quite a few of the kids in the co-op went there.  The first show my family saw was a school day show of The Little Princess.  Even though I don’t remember any of it, it began the journey I’m now on. We saw almost every show in NW Cook after that, and I loved every one. 

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Ryan’s Story

Well, my testimony of how Spotlight changed me is a long one. And to understand how much God truly did for me I have to start all the way back in 8th grade, BEFORE I even had heard of CYT/Spotlight. I was a wrestler back then, and theater kids were on a completely different spectrum than the type of people I associated myself with. But at my middle school we had our last hour as a study hall, and every Friday this boy would bring in his Ukulele. They started playing the song I’m Yours, and my teacher heard me sing. She took me in after class and told me to join choir, and of course, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. But she was persistent, and I eventually joined [to appease her]. I found that once I joined, I really enjoyed singing in groups and in front of people. I met a kid in choir who asked me to do the school musical that spring, Guys and Dolls.

Behind the Spotlight Scene:
Building a New Show

Lake County officially opens Shrek the Musical tomorrow, February 7th.  While the actors have only been in rehearsals for 9 weeks, the Spotlight Production Team has been hard at work since last Spring working on pulling together all the details of premiering a show for the first time with our organization!  We thought it would be fun to give you a little Behind the Scenes insight on what goes into putting on a new show…..

Getting the rights….
Getting the rights to a show can be tricky.  There are many factors that go into getting approval.  As many of you know, we weren’t able to get the rights to Shrek until our 2013-2014 season of shows had already been announced.  However, once we got the “okay” in late Summer, we knew that it was the right show for Lake County!

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