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Area Coordinator

Spotlight Youth Theater has an opening for the part-time position of Area Coordinator for Kane County.  It’s one of the most important levels of leadership in Spotlight, and the position requires someone who can administrate with integrity and lead a county in a mature, level-headed, positive manner.

What We’re Looking For:
  • The “Ambassador.” First and foremost, the Area Coordinator position represents Spotlight Youth Theater, the mission and vision of the company, in the utmost positivity and effectiveness.
  • The “Organizer.” Someone who can successfully plan, manage, and navigate several large projects involving multiple groups in a timely fashion
  • The “Eye of the Storm.” Someone who can remain calm, cool, and collected in the face of something as flexible and cumbersome as a full-scale musical stage production.
  • The “Servant Leader.” Someone who has a heart for people, who looks to set the tone for the county by serving the families that participate there
  • The “Inspiration.” Often times, this position is the face of the organization to the community—and during classes and productions, will need to inspire and rally a large volunteer staff toward a common goal.
  • The “Confidant.” This position shoulders a great deal of responsibility, accountability, and integrity. One day the Area Coordinator could be a shoulder to cry on for a hurting family, while the next be the one to handle the finances of the area.
  • The “People Person.” This is a must! With different groups of people, varying ages, kids, parents, volunteers, directors, office staff…there are a lot of people to get along with! We’re looking for someone who has a heart for God and a personality that’s teachable.
If this is you, we’d love to meet you! Send your resumes and/or inquiries to Shari Ledermann .

Welcome to our Newest Executive Staff at Spotlight

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we'd like to announce Spotlight's Executive Program Director-Shari Ledermann! We are excited to entrust Shari to bring her experience to the table. Shari has served in our organization as a parent volunteer, teacher, Senior Area Coordinator, and most recently assisted this summer as interim Executive Staff. We feel that Shari has been groomed for this position by serving from within it for the past 14 years. We ask that you join us in supporting Shari and pray for the Almighty wisdom of our great and glorious God to guide us all.

This leaves McHenry without an Area Coordinator. We are accepting applications and resumes. Send to . After prescreening, interviews will be scheduled as soon as this week! Those interested should send their letter of interest right away. We would prefer one person to lead both classes and productions in McHenry

Our Sincere Thanks

On behalf of Spotlight we'd like to offer our sincere thanks to Kerry Krause for service as Area Coordinator to Kane County. We wish her the best in her future endeavors and may God's blessings be upon her.

The recipients of the 2015 Christian Stilwell Memorial Fund have been selected!

Tyler Carrera
Lucy Hauser

These students have exhibited excellence in leadership and are making a difference!
Please join us along with Larry and Denise Stilwell to honor this achievement at the Spotlight Stars Awards!


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Click on Graphic to apply to be considered for a spot on a Directing Team in the 2015/2016 Season for Spotlight!

Everyone who wants to be considered to be on a Directing Team needs to fill out this application!

The application process will be ongoing, so there isn't a solid deadline.
However we recommend filling it out sooner rather than later so your application can be submitted for review right away!


BRENNA BAKER.  Spotlight has held a special place in my family’s heart from the moment we saw our first show more than 8 years ago.  My children hoped and prayed for a location to come to the southlands, and here we are! I have been active in Orland/Will County since its very first summer camp.  Aiding for classes as well as “learning the production ropes” on various committees from Greenroom to Costumes to Production Assistant has been a wonderful experience, but the best part has been all of the wonderful friends our family has made throughout the entire Spotlight community!   My children, Noah and Rachel, have thrived in this loving and Christ-centered environment.   I am eager to help Coordinate our County and serve others through Spotlight.  Though Orland/Will may be small, we are mighty and have faith that through Him we will continue to grow!  Kristen Ozinga and I complement each other well and are excited to begin our journey as the new AC team for Orland/Will!

KRISTEN OZINGA. I am so excited to be representing the Orland/Will chapter of Spotlight as co-AC! Although my daughter and I haven’t been involved with Spotlight for long (this fall will be our first ‘anniversary’), it’s been long enough to know that we love it! I have watched Jazmine, my daughter, grow and mature before my eyes as she’s developed a new confidence in her gifts and abilities. She’s been mentored by the older kids and has encouraged the younger ones. This is where the magic of Spotlight happens, in these quiet moments where relationships are fostered and faith is deepened. Spotlight is such a unique program; it’s like a theater troupe and church youth group combined into one. Where else can kids use their creativity to bring glory to God?! What I lack in experience, I will make up for in enthusiasm! I’m thrilled to be working with Brenna as we work to grow our county. I ask for your prayers as I do my best to encourage and love your kids!


SHELLI CHINLUND. Shelli holds the Theatrical Arts as her first love with her earliest memory being a production she was in at just 2-3 years old with her dad.  She has an extensive background in acting, dramatic interpretation coaching and judging, public speaking, teaching, costuming, hair and make up.  Shelli has worked in many areas, but considers church ministry most fulfilling.  She has a gifting in directing and writing children's productions, mentoring and counseling, administrative and organizational skills, delegating and in serving others.  Shelli has an amazing supportive husband of over 20 years, Michael and they have seven gorgeous children they call their blessings.  Whenever they get a quiet moment, she prefers it to be on the beach with sand in their toes.


I have been a fan of Spotlight ACs for years! Having directed 12 shows for CYT/Spotlight, taught multiple classes, Audition Workshops and Showcase Directed, I have long known that while the audience enjoys the show, the real magic happens behind the scenes. I am so excited to be joining the ranks of the magic makers and am looking forward to doing everything I can to help our teachers excel and our directors bring our wonderful shows to life. I have been involved in theater since I was 4 and have done everything from acting, dancing, writing and directing, in church, community theater, semi-professional theater, film, video and am a professional playwright and published author. I’m also a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, can walk on my hands and am a pretty mean Scrabble player. By God’s grace, far too many jelly bellies and Diet Coke, I hope to do honor to the AC position as well as the incredible women who have set the standard so high. Are you ready, Aurora? Saddle up and Yahoo Buckaroos!!


LIZ CARRERA. I am so excited to serve the families of Oak Park as their new Area Coordinator. Spotlight has been a huge part of our lives since my daughter auditioned for her first show, Annie, in the fall of 2009. So, it seems only appropriate that my first show as an Area Coordinator will be Annie! After that first show, we were hooked! My kids have gone on to perform in 18 shows. I have been AC Assistant for the last five years and my husband happily chaired sets for five years as well! Spotlight has meant so much to our family. I have three kids who are excited to see another season start, and a fourth who is a recent Spotlight grad. This program has given my children skills and friendships that they will carry with them for a lifetime. I love being part of a community that builds character, both off and on the stage. I am so glad that in Spotlight, we have found a safe and encouraging community that loves the Lord and gives Him the glory always. I can’t wait to start this new adventure with all of the amazing Oak Park families!!!


Lara comes to us with a wealth of experience in elementary education, musical theater production, and spiritual leadership. Those of you who have taken classes on Monday nights in Lake may already be familiar with Lara’s leadership skills as she has been filling the position of Assistant Class AC on Mondays for two sessions! Lara is also the mother of five incredible children (4 girls and 1 boy), 4 of which have been active with Spotlight in several productions, and her oldest daughter, Katie, is currently working as the Costume Assistant in the Spotlight Costume Warehouse. We’re thrilled to welcome Lara into the AC position and look forward to seeing how she will undoubtedly enrich the lives of our students and teachers in Lake County